Pre-PR Sentai Marks I See in Kimberly Hart

Trini Kwan and Tommy Oliver aren't the only ones I felt that weren't that close that somehow hand pre-PR Sentai marks. The lovely and iconic Kimberly Hart is one too. Here are some:

Okay this may not be the first to be noticed but Miki Monozono/Goggle Pink is a gymnast like Kimberly Hart is.

I think the first noticeable one for Filipinos would be Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five in Bioman. Why? Well in the English dub, Hikaru Katsuragi was called Kimberly. Both of them were less skilled in combat and more on subtle tactics plus they were the show babes.

I think Haruna Morikawa is another mark in the lovely Kimberly Hart. Both of them are kind of witty, prone to disasters and not to mention, can show valley girl attitudes to some extent. Also not to mention, both fight evildoers while being high school students.