Pre PR-Sentai Marks I See in Tommy in Power Rangers

Although these rangers/characters didn't have any PR counterparts, I think they did however inspire the creation of Tommy in Power Rangers.

When Tommy shifted from green ranger to white ranger at the same time usurped the red ranger's position as leader, it was kind of like in JAKQ when Big One arrived as an additional hero of the team of four and replaced the red ranger Spade Ace as the leader. I count Big One as the first white ranger. Tommy kind of got as cocky as he was. In fact, both characters are mascots of their own respective franchise despite the huge time lapse.

I think Takeru of Maskman seems to have inspired Tommy in some way. Both are that devoted to karate and tend to get cocky at times. When Tommy became the red ranger in Power Rangers Zeo, I felt like he had a little of Takeru in him. Strangely the actor Ryosuke Kaizu who played Takeru appeared in episode one of Ohranger but sadly not the commander. Jason was nowhere near this guy. In fact, I felt like Jason was closer to Kenta than to Takeru being more level-headed than the rest.

Somehow I also felt that the overrated Riki Honoo may have inspired Tommy in some ways. Tommy was also one to get far too overrated. It seems Riki Honoo is still considered one of Sentai's greatest legends as he is remembered for his rather awesome battles in the series. Tommy wasn't dead serious either. I felt like Turboranger may have been the script that was supposed to be MMPR.

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  1. Take elements from all these guys and put them together, and you make Tommy. XD

  2. to the blogger-- sir, sobrang ganda ng blogs. ask ko lang sana if there is some org na pedeng salihan to be updated sa mga old super sentai shows.

    I'm bobby po, if you have an email please share your thoughts on this.

    thank you sir!

  3. As of right now, I don't know any organization that you can join. Ps. Next time post in English so everybody can understand since I'm getting comments from people who can't understand Filipino.


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