Reasons Why I Think Some Sentai Fans Bash Power Rangers

I've written on why I think some Power Rangers fans bash Super Sentai, I guess it's about time to show the other way around. :-P

It's a matter of culture. Yup it is. I mean I've read about how oppressive the older generation of Japanese were against Chinese and Koreans and for some time, closed Japan's doors from the West. For some Filipinos, I even find them murmuring about not having Super Sentai on TV or yelling, "Hey PR was so bad." Admit, I've been there too. Right now, I have to admit that I'm attracted to Western girls and even had a fling with one or two in my College days. Sadly many westerners are also discriminated by Asians. Hmmm... full circle! Anyway, I kind of thought about it that my own family is against me dating an American girl simply because of biased thinking. I mean it's as if all Western people were responsible for destruction. What about the Chinese having a HUGE percentage being hostile towards other races too?

I have to admit that lately, I find it that more Sentai babes are looking better than most Power Ranger babes during the Disney era. Before that, there was the one and only classic beauty in the first pink ranger Kimberly Hart who I still consider to be way hotter than even today's Sentai babes but a lot disagreed with me, I see it as a bias vote on their part. Also we have Ayumi Kinoshita who was a really hot Sentai babe. See also list of pretty sentai female rangers.  This is however all superficial.

Sentai has more intense martial arts scenes than Power Rangers overall. Well you can't blame Power Rangers for having lesser action because you can't allow that much violence in America for a kiddie show.

Also Super Sentai has some rather impressive gun action.

And of course the humor that the rangers provide for some Sentai fans is funnier than in Power Rangers.

The villains in Super Sentai are usually more evil than that of Power Rangers most of the time. Well maybe except for Lord Zedd in MMPR, Trakeena in Lost Galaxy, Ransik in Time Force and Master Org in Wild Force- these bad doers were in fact very Sentai-like in being evil.

If Power Rangers fans who bash Super Sentai say that it's drunken karaoke night, Super Sentai fans tend to criticize Power Rangers music as "loopy and lame". See also a comparison between their music.

Also the deaths in the show make the show more realistic for Super Sentai fans. See also Sentai deaths.

And blame it on Disney on the later part too. That is, with all the overacting, annoying females plus the bad writing of Bruce Kalish for Power Rangers SPD, Power Rangers Mystic Force, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and Power Rangers Jungle Fury ruined the franchise. Operation Overdrive was the biggest Disney mess ever.

The thing is I think it's time to put both Super Sentai and Power Rangers into the television sets rather than just one of each other alone. Why not?  So I guess it's time to keep giving Mr. Smith all our support!


  1. I agree. I mean, back when Fiveman and Jetman aired, Radiguet always creep me out everytime he appears and that giant face in Jetman? Seriously, you know right away she is evil.

    I agree, Zedd was scary. But the other PR villains, meh.


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