Some Bioman English Dub Differences

The fact is the Bioman English dub was filled with so much differences I think I can name some after finding a sub version of Bioman on Youtube.

Gou is Kenny, Shingo is Sammy, Ryuuta is Frankie, Mika is Casey and Hikaru is Kimberly from the Biomen.  Jun never got her name changed and remained as Jun.  What was weird was that in the dub, Peebo's gender got changed from male to female.

New Empire Gear is simply known as the Neo Empire and Monster is renamed Vargo, Meserjuu is renamed Falconoid, Mettlzer is renamed Plasmanoid, Aquagaiger is renamed Aquanoid and Juuoh is renamed as Zeroid. Also the name of Dr. Man's son is not Miki in the original but Shuichi and Dr. Man's real name in Japanese is Hideo Kageyama.

The Biomen in Japanese say, "1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Chodenshi Bioman" while in English they say, "Red One, Green Two, Blue Three, Yellow 4, Pink 5 - Bio Team Fight, Bioman."

When calling for the team attack, the Biomen say, "Bio Electron" in Japanese in contrast to the English they say, "Let's fight together."

When combining, the Japanese version as "Gattai Hyper Cross" which is translated as "Combine Hyper Cross" rather than "Bio Integrate".

In episode two, Farrah says, "Meet my kitten..." in the original instead of "Meet the rest of us." in the English dub. Also we have Farrah saying, "She good." instead of "She's getting away." when Mika tries to escape.

In episode 10, the Biomen sound less cocky when they want to show the results of their training. The Bio Killer Gun was dubbed as the Bio Negatroid Laser and the anti-bio particles as bio negator particles. Also when Mika gets hit, she tells them to beware of the laser and not that her powers are diminished. When she was finished, Psygorn says, "Die Yellow 4." before blowing her to kingdom come. Also vengeance wasn't put into the mouths of the Biomen in the original Japanese.

In the Prince arc, the clues to Dr. Man being a Japanese scientist are sent.  The Prince introduces himself as Dr. Man's son and Mason discovers that Dr. Man is a human.  But what was the real reason Dr. Man was rebelled against by the Big Three only to find out he fooled them.

Perhaps this was the most noticeable when Silver arrived. In the dub, even Silver's story was sort of altered. How? Well Peebo in the original mentions the origin of the anti bio particles but in the English dub, he only says Silver wants the other half of the bio particles while in the Japanese, Silver's dialogue is that he's determined to kill everything with bio particles.


There will still be more differences to show. In fact, some of those who saw the dub would be upset to know much changes. Please also help me confirm that Saban dubbed Bioman or not because I feel like the voices in the dub sound too much like those in the early Power Ranger days.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the PR education. Cool blog.


  2. The dub is waaaay pre-Saban. As I heard, it's made in the Philippines, though in English. (Saban wouldn't make it and then not air it, after all!)

  3. The dub was indeed done in the Philippines. I watched it as a kid. We were very fortunate to have an abundance of toku and anime in the 80s. Bioman was the last one dubbed in English though. The ones after were dubbed in Tagalog. And then when MMPR came out, we all switched over to Saban's product. Check this one out.


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