Thoughts on Goseiger Epic 3

Goseiger Epic 3 is one cold episode... literally!

Professor Shuichiro Amachi is an "amateur" astronomer, PR in Space fans may end up remembering Dr. Phenomenus but then, he offers the Goseigers part-time jobs giving him a bigger role than just comedy relief. He is also the father of the boy Nozomu. For an "amateur" he sure has some money. :-P

The episode focused on trying to freeze the whole Earth. Where did I see that before? Ah yes in Fiveman where Dongoros attempts to freeze the whole Earth and the failed attempt of the Jaryuu to heat up the Earth in Boukenger. Moune, Aguri's younger sister is the one who gets focused for the episode as she tries to find the weakness of their opponent. Just love the attempt to imitate the "rider kick" she does as Gosei Yellow (good stunt person). It seems she is a tribute to Five Yellow and her brother Aguri is a tribute to Five Black though the rest of the team are not siblings in contrast to Fiveman, Gogo V and my favorite family Sentai, Magiranger.

By the way, I can't help but think about the rather cute, funny and adorable Eri played by Rika Sato with her cute and simple self (and I wonder why she's a model despite her lack of height) who really reminds me of some girl I used to chase after in High School, nicknamed Mouse. She could be the shortest pink ranger to date in Super Sentai. I just LOVE the way she reacts to the telescope and acts like a little girl, the same way my friend Mouse acts like one.

Still can't help but think why they're called "angels" when they're humans. Maybe just like the term "Charlie's Angels".


  1. Rika Satoh's 160 cm tall.

    I think the shortest Pink Rangers are Kazuko Miyata (Five Pink/Kazumi Hoshikawa) and Mika Kikuchi (Deka Pink/Umeko), both at 150 cm.


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