Tommy's Four Sentai Counterparts

I really can't help to think but Tommy from four seasons of Power Rangers has gotten redundant. In fact, I can't help but think of the fact that these four characters kind of form my own "dream Sentai" for Dice-O which I would put Riki/Red Turbo as the leader who I think was the only Sentai character kind of close to Tommy in personality or maybe Big One.

By the way, I didn't include Kyosuke Jinnai because Tommy was later replaced by TJ and in Forever Red, TJ appeared alongside Tommy with different powers but he may be a good team leader for the Dice-O team and call it "Tommy Five". :-P

The first character to be used for Tommy's powers was the late Burai of Zyuranger. However he was a more vicious bad-ass than Tommy ever was. Besides, I kind of find Tommy and Jason's battle to be just too random compared to Geki and Burai as estranged brothers. Sadly he died when his life force got all used up. The younger Burai returned in Dairanger as another character.

Hmmm this is just funny that Kou is the second counterpart as he is just nine years old. I think some Power Rangers fans who also like Super Sentai may berate and say, "HUH?!" with this to the point they'll say "Justin should have been this character!" or "It's Justin disgracing Tommy." But Justin is more tolerable as a roommate than Kou especially for a woman. Kou on the other hand is a little pervert that Lin hates to be with. Also, I think he's the only full-blooded Chinese of the group. The actor played a younger Burai in Zyuranger as well. Hee hee.

Hoshino Gorou of Ohranger would probably be a picture of what a mature Tommy would be, Tommy is almost a picture of a growing Hoshino Gorou prior to the military days. Probably the only one that matched. Both were good in martial arts.

Last but not the least, Asuka of Dino Earth in Abaranger. He has a short but rather interesting backstory especially with his romance with an Evorian namely Mahoro who unlike most forbidden loves, married in the end. In Dino Thunder, Tommy only had an admirer but not his love interest. I find this guy to be more interesting than Tommy ever was maybe because he was from Dino Earth.


  1. I thought Kou was fitting for Tommy. Since it matched Tommy's hyper personality. XD

    PS: It's Asuka. Mikoto is AbareKiller. ;)

    I need to sit down and think about my own Dice-O team! 8D

  2. Because of what you said,I think Toei and Disney should make a one-shot episode of what if Tommy's 4 Sentai counterparts meet and create their own team.

    By the way, can I add you blog in my blogroll?

  3. It should be Asuka, not Mikoto. (the 4th sentai counter part). Mikoto is Abare Killer.

  4. In case PR is still airing, it would be cool if Tommy had a dream sequence with his for Sentai counterparts having a team!

  5. @Fantasy Leader and Aileen- thanks for pointing out my mistake. I have poor memory you know. :-P

    @Ukiyaseed- You may add me to your blogroll.

  6. Tommy actually has 5 Sentai counterparts. You forgot to mention Kyousuke/ Red Racer because Tommy became the red ranger in Power Rangers Turbot, although it was just until Saban replaced the cast

  7. I didn't include Kyosuke because of the Forever Red episode.

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