The Two Yellow Fours of Bioman

I kind of thought about it way back then, there was the debate among children to which Yellow Four was better. I just want to compare them both.

The first Yellow 4 (and the first female yellow ranger in Sentai) was Mika Koizumi (acted by Yuki Yajima) a gutsy photographer who tried to run away from her destiny. She was a strong-willed woman who tries to conquer anything she fears, she even had her awesome fight scene with Farrah Cat (played by Yukari Oshima) in episode two, which many consider the best fight scene in the show including me. Sadly she was killed in episode 10 when she gave her life to save the others from the Bio Killer Gun which contained the dreaded anti-bio particles and was blown off by Psygorn. It was because the actress left the set for salary issues I think.

Jun Yabuki (acted by Sumiko Tanaka) was her replacement in episode 11 who was a newbie so she tended to act like a little girl but despite that, she was more gutsy and aggressive. She placed herself in too many risky situations but some fans believe she was just a shadow of Mika Koizumi. How the two are related is kind of a plot hole but knowing that the first five to be showered by bio particles could have had many children, she could still be a descendant of the ninja who is Mika's many times great grandmother. On the other hand, some fans like her better because she and Hikaru became a stronger team than before. Also her Bio Bow proved useful in many situations.

Interesting note: While this kind of lashing happened in Bioman, it kind of also happened in MMPR when Trini was replaced by Aisha since in both shows, a female yellow ranger got replaced. Some fans of MMPR who have seen Bioman may end up comparing Trini with Mika and Aisha with Jun.


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    1. Both were experimental for me. At least, Mika's concept was not thrown away even if she died so early and well, I want to see another Jun Yabuki type ranger soon... yellow, archer, female and tough.

  2. More Bioman-ness!

  3. Wait... So the first Yellow 4 died? I haven't watched Bioman yet, sorry.

  4. Ouch. I'm spoiled.
    Just watching the first few episodes of Bioman...

  5. I was really sad when the original Yellow 4 died. It was the ultimate shock of my '80s childhood.

    1. Well me too. I can't forget how I cried that day. My mom told me heroes aren't invincible. Sad to say, Trini later died in real life.


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