Why Do You Think Some People Overshadow Super Sentai with Power Rangers?

Here are the results of that poll that I allowed selection of multiple answers to rank them:

Cultural biases between east and west became the first reason got 39/54 votes. I agree. As an oriental, I've experienced bullying from people who believed that the west was the best. However for Saban's era, it seems that the non-whites kept overshadowing the whites like how blacks and Asians display rather cool moves that the others don't.

The American superiority mentality got 30/54 votes. Can't help but use Syd as a portrait for that negative value. Hated her really.

Some cool stuff exclusive to PR got 22/54 votes in total.

A tie for:

Amy Jo Johnson was really gorgeous got nine votes. I agree with this one but it didn't make me overshadow one with the other that time. Hee hee. Anyway I decided to watch other shows she was in than MMPR and I still can't help but think I want a gf that looks like her. :-P Children can be so shallow minded back then. :-P

Also was on "Some PR males are hotter than Sentai males." I agree with that too that is for the women.

I think the last is just too few. 8/54 votes think the music in Sentai is drunken Karaoke night.


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