Yamimaru and Kirika, Rio and Melee

I was thinking though that I haven't noticed it quite yet but there are some similarities between the couples Yamimaru and Kirika in Turboranger as well as Rio and Melee in Gekiranger though both shows hardly have parallelisms except fighting against ancient enemies and these two.

Yamimaru was a villain introduced to be opposing both the Turborangers and Ragorn at first. When the three generals Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda were killed by the Turborangers midway in the series, Kirika joined in as an outcast student who like Yamimaru, was born out of the union of bouma and human resulting in another Nagare Bouma. The two feigned allegiance with Ragorn as they planned to betray him to the extent of using Riki Honoo to carry out the plan. They temporarily took over the operations until Ragorn's return in another body. In the end, they were able to live their lives peacefully in their human identities, among a few villains that were redeemable.

In Gekiranger, a similar tandem happened although they appeared first before the main villain Long who was considered an anti-Sentai warrior or something. Like the Gekirangers, they had the ability to don henshin suits- but they were more of Metal Hero inspired for me. They were more on the anti-hero side like Yamimaru and Kirika, who were too focused on the Gekirangers. And of course, like them, they also betrayed their master Long (who appeared in the middle of the series) but it was because they realized they were wrong and the Gekirangers were right. Their deaths were really tragic for me- Melee gave her life and then Rio did to save the Gekirangers. They too also had a thread of fate tied to them but it's not shown.


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