The Anti-Bio Particles in Bioman

Bioman's anti-bio particles form a rather interesting sideplot in Bioman? Why? Well...

Do you remember episode 10 entitled "Farewell Yellow?" It was that episode when Dr. Man gathered the remnants of the deadly anti-bio particles to power up the Bio Killer Gun which soon enough, spelled the demise of the first Yellow 4, Mika Koizumi. Mika Koizumi took ALL the shots to save the others which soon enough put her in a severely weakened state that eventually killed her when Psygorn blew her up with a fire blast. Theoretically saying, the laser beams destroyed her from the inside- slowly destroying the bio particles in her body explaining how she was able to stay as Yellow 4 throughout the whole episode, so the decay must be inside out. In other words, it's internal damage and the properties of the laser beam are anything but realistic.

There was no mention of anti-bio particles from episode 11-36. However in episode 37, the full story was soon mentioned by Peebo. It's mentioned by him that the people of the Bio Star created the bio particles with the intent for peace. However some people in the Bio Star known as the opposition decided to create the anti-bio particles to counter the bio particles and out from it came Silver the Bio Hunter as well as his personal robot Balzion to combat the Biomen and the Bio Robo. Silver came to Earth to seek his personal robot so he could destroy the rest of those that carry bio particles within them.

And of course, the death of Mika Koizumi returns back to Peebo's head because Silver carries the anti-bio particles which was used to power up the Bio Killer Gun, only this time at a greater amount especially that his laser beams made toothpicks out of the Gear Empire. Ironically Silver wasn't able to kill any of the Biomen like the Bio Killer Gun did to Mika Koizumi, presumably due to the Biomen's new upgrade in their powers. However he was able to use his Bio Buster gun to heavily damage Juuoh and Mettlzer that when the Biomen did their finishing attack, both Juunoids rather than just retreating were killed instead.

Eventually Silver is reunited with the greatest threat ever- his personal robot Balzion which wasn't easily defeated. However in the final encounter, Silver and Balzion were destroyed by an overcharged with bio particles Bio Robo thanks to Peebo's secret chamber.  Dr. Man did manage to get some anti-bio particles for his robot King Megas and the Anti-Bio Bomb.


  1. To be quite honest, I always felt worried about the BIoman whenever they fought Silver. I felt like Silver was the only character who was capable of killing them. This just proves the impact that Mika left on the show. Silver truly was dangerous.


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