Bewitched by Gosei Yellow?

Honestly speaking, Goseiger has me bewitched over Moune who is played by Mikiho Niwa. I really find her to be kind of pretty.

She does have those "funny faces" that I like better than that of Rika Satoh, who I don't find to be pretty. In fact, I have to admit that she's one of the many reasons why I've decided to get interested with Goseiger. I have to admit though, I've seen prettier faces such as Ayumi Kinoshita and Haruka Suenaga (who kind of has mouse-like features).

I don't know but I think she shares some resemblance to half-British, half-Filipino actress Rhian Ramos Howell. Also I met somebody who looks like her who is nine years my junior nicknamed Stephie who is half-Canadian, half-Filipino. She however behaves much like Ako Hayasaka and strangely enough, she's also been involved in a musical choir too and may be doomed to instant noodle phobia soon enough.


  1. You know what? I absolutely agree with you somehow.

    Mikiho Niwa from my first perspective doesn't even look very Japanese. Could it be possible she has Filipino blood?

    Other than that, I do agree on your part there have been many prettier Sentai ladies. My favorite being Gaowhite.

  2. @DancingAlienDude-

    My father's maternal grandfather is half-Filipino, born by a Filipino cook and my mother's maternal grandfather is half-Filipino, also born by a Filipino cook.


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