Female Rangers and Super Sentai

The fact is female rangers though usually weaker do however portray a greater deal in Super Sentai than just being damsels in distress. Why? Well here's what they really do proving brains beats brawn:

Most of the Super Sentai teams had women as the smart ones of the team. They're the ones who are able to point out the weak spots that the male leaders can't easily find.

They sometimes allow themselves to be captured as a tactic against the enemy and use their wits to lead the others to the base of the day.

The female rangers were the best masters of disguise. If the men taught them how to fight, they taught the men how to dress up.

Female rangers also are the ones who ease the emotional tensions of the team. Take Jasmine for example.

In some cases if the men are just idiots, they can be suitable to delegate leadership to.


  1. I agree on what you said, Sean. But to be honest, I find most Pink Rangers the damsel in distress types while the female yellow and blue Rangers are the opposite of the pink.

  2. I noticed the smarter female rangers' main purpose was to calm down the other rangers with stupid roles. (Yuusuke, Jou, Genta, etc.)

  3. If there's no Pink Ranger then a female White will sometimes be the damsel in distress one, which is probably why there are so many Red/Pink and Red/White ships in canon. I find it pretty sexist ...


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