The Flashmen and The Anti-Flash Phenomenon

Flashman though kind of old really has one backstory I find rather interesting than most ranger groups in Sentai- it was the Anti-Flash phenomenon they suffered from. What is it? Well let's get on with it to see what it really was.

As infants, they were abducted by the evil Mess which was done by Sir Kaura (who would soon be killed by Red Flash in battle) but were saved by the Flash race. Trained on different planets, they gained superpowers on different areas of their new home. Each one of them received training to fight Mess. The time finally came when Mess is going to attack their home planet Earth to which they have become strangers to.

And yes- side effects were slowly taking place in the series. They want to find their birth parents while fighting Mess, however the Anti-Flash was going to take place sooner or later which they learn later in the series. It was because they spent too much time in the Flash Star from infancy onwards that perhaps their own physiology became a stranger to Earth. As a fact, it's a painful truth they have to accept when the series goes on.

And as the series was about to end, they are faced with the fact they have to finish their battle with Mess and face the fact they are dying. Eventually they are met with a choice against their final nemesis Dr. Hinelar- have their bodies fixed and serve him or die under the Anti-Flash. In a rather painful choice, they chose to die from their disorder rather than succumb to evil. As a result, they end up leaving the Earth they were born from, once again to rejoin the system they have grown up in.


  1. I wonder if the Flashmen were able to eventually return to the Earth...

    Anyways, when exactly did our heroes first learn of the "Anti-Flash Phenomenon?" The reason I ask is because of two Flashman team-up ideas I have...

    One--Flashman vs. Changeman; Here, the Flash heroes deal with a former Gozma spy who happens to hail from the Flash Planet (what makes this even more interesting is that he hasn't been to the Flash System in years, and he seems to have no sign of the AFP). This baddie strips the Flashmen of their powers, and in order to regain their fighting spirit, they have to endure some "Hellish training" by a certain Commander.

    Two--Maskman vs. Flashman; taking place after the Maskman series has ended, a Mess scientist forms an alliance with a Tube general who wishes to end the peace between them and the surface world. The scientist creates clones of the former Tube baddies (except for Igam, who's still alive). The Maskmen joined by the Flashmen, who soon learn that because of their extended stay on Earth, their Anti-Flash Phenomenon is more extreme than usual, and that by leaving the Flash System, they won't be able to return, and that they also have only 36 hours to live. (But don't worry, they all survive. How, you ask? Hi-mi-tsu.)

  2. The Flashman are given hints of the Anti-Flash Phenomenon in ep 19. It isn't completely revealed what it is until ep 44. Nice idea's Hallwings. ^_^

    Nice post Sean. Though I don't think I'm ever going to call Flashman "old." XD
    Love it's story.


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