Goseiger Epic 10- Hyde's Parter is Revealed

Epic 10 is sort of a revenge themed series, again in hopes of discouraging revenge. Vengeance has been part of themes, making our heroes miserable and all in past series. They carry the theme of, "Vengeance is God's, not ours." The duty of a hero is to avenge the innocent NOT take personal matters.

The story shows the memory of a fallen comrade who is labeled as Gosei Green, part of the Seaick tribe which gives the script a good reason why there's only one member of the Seaick Tribe. I'm almost reminded of some episode from Sharivan except this is a flashback though. No headshot though of Gosei Green in suit. BTW nice to see Yousuke Ito act as Gosei Green. I wonder if he's really dead or not since this is mostly fiction.

A dramatic scene such as this would be painful to watch. Sob... sob...

Hyde is filled with the idea for revenge and decides to fight the monster Kurasunigo one on one. Not good. Who can forget Sentai heroes/heroines who nearly died seeking vengeance because of their loved ones only to realize they become no better than the enemies they're sworn to fight against?

Anyway I kind of think of Hyde's reflection of justice vs. revenge in this episode. He ends up returning to help his friends beat the monster with Seaick Gosei Great. Anyway this episode has a hilarious character who is a friend of Professor Amachi, just another crazy guy. For once, he reminds me of Skull in MMPR but he's a smarter version.

I kind of think that Datas seems to be more than just an organizer, he's actually a giant mecha! Hee hee!


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