Goseiger Epic 9- Girl Power

It seems that Sentai these days rely on two females rather than one. Goseiger epic 9 is a girl power episode where there's not one but TWO smart females. Normally in other Sentai, there was only one girl who was unusually smart compared to the rest but here, it seems the women are more balanced in that area when there are two instead of one.

The monster of the week was a female monster named Irian which beat out the males. Only the Gosei girls were able to outsmart her. They used the Takka headers to beat her to free the males from her wrath.

In this episode, the Gosei girls summon the Skick brothers to form Skick Gosei Great to defeat the monster. If you ask me, the design is kind of funny but still, it helped save the day with the Skick strike which resembled the Jetman's Icarus Haken.


  1. I thought the chemistry in this ep was interesting. How Eri seemed more spaced out where Moune was on top of things. Usually in situations like what happened in this ep, the two girls would usually get into a big fight, which would hurt the teamwork. But in Goseiger's Girl Power ep, instead of the two girls arguing, it was more like Moune was the only one yelling at Eri, to do things right. I was even surprised when Moune used her own powers to tie Eri up. Definitely shows that Moune did not necessarily trust her to do things right during that time.


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