My Blog is Campaigning to Return Sentai to the Philippines

A few of this pictures somewhat should call for "Put Sentai back to Philippine television":

The adorable (and mischievous looking) Chise Nakamura in the Philippines. Just imagine Bouken Yellow visits the Philippines (Caitlin Murphy NEVER did) and yet Boukenger isn't in the local television.

And Rin Takanashi who plays Shinken Pink is here with Ace Durano.

And now here's what- I believe it's time to return edited, dubbed Super Sentai series into the Philippines. Where can we start?

I think here's a good proposal:

Sentai should be shown not during Saturday mornings but Saturday evenings. Why? Saturday mornings are still study mornings, just enough of the Friday mayhem. Friday should be a night to study, study, STUDY!

What series to start? Maybe perhaps the "familiars". In the Philippines the people have seen MMPR season 1-3, Zeo, PR Turbo, Power Rangers in Space, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Power Rangers SPD and Operation Overdrive so where to start?

Oh yeah start with Boukenger to pay tribute to Chise Nakamura's visit. Oh yeah dish out Shinkenger too for a start. Well it's just going to be end up having everybody call Super Sentai as "Power Rangers".

Have any ideas- comment, comment and comment and let everybody know!


  1. Sean, there are rumors that Go-onger will air here. To justify that, I saw capsule toys of Go-on being sold. Shinkenger has a possibility to air here since I spotted Soft toys of Hyper ShinkenRed-Hyper ShinkenPink and ShinkenGold here.

    I mean, why sell a Sentai merchandise if you will not air the show?

  2. Hopefully Ukiya Seed but it doesn't give me much comfort because I'm stuck in the middle of several battles within my family cursed by the "Devil Gene".

  3. As much as I want to see Super Sentai back in the Philippines, I just don't see it happening. These Filipino tv stations are cashing in on crappy teleseryes not because they are any good (they are actually so repetitive in nature!) but because many people watch it. And the shows that we import from other countries are just love stories from China or Korea. It's just sad. These stations just want to make money.

  4. This will be helpful once I visit my family in Philippines this summer. Thanks Sean

  5. @Don- I admit I watch Chinese teleseryes especially those with a lot of action and love.

  6. Our only hope for Sentai to air here in the Philippines is that TV5 will acquire the rights to air it. Much like how they did to Kamen Rider Blade-Hibiki.

  7. Can't blame you Sean for watching those. I am a Filipino myself and I have to admit that I got hooked watching Meteor Garden back then. I also have to admit that Filipino television can't come up with original stories that they have to get if from a foreign source. How sad.

  8. @Ukiya Seed- Anyway I have to admit that after Black RX, I don't like the newer Kamen Riders already. However I find it that Sentai manages to keep it fresh in some way, in fact I don't understand why Sentai doesn't spoil easily. LOL.

  9. In the new Kamen Rider shows, try watching Kuuga-Agito and Blade. It's good.


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