My Thoughts on Goseiger Epic 8

Goseiger Epic 8 was kind of a comical episode, at the same time, something really bad. Hmmm...

The monster of the week Fandaho manages to create a very bad incident for Alata/Gosei Red. A serious spell where Alata can't remove his transformation suit (bad idea) which could kill him, probably like what happened to Mika/Yellow 4 1 before she died. The Goseigers attempt to beat him hopefully to save Alata's life where they succeed after using a sucker punch against the monster.

Finally Alata is restored to normal. However he is unable to call Gosei Dragon but mysteriously is able to call the Exotic Brothers to restore his tensou techniques.

Perhaps the most unusual combination is the Exotic Gosei Great. I kind of find the design a little overboard. However it presents a very cool cannon technique to defeat the enlarged Fandaho.

Anyway the Goseigers are presenting the Gosei Mikes and the girls just look so cute.