Older Sentai Cast Photos I Found As of April 22, 2010

Well it's time for older photos again. Ha ha. Here are some:

Kazuoki Takahashi? Hmmm... I wonder why he did this? Maybe he had his hair long for a film.

Another older photo of Ryosuke Sakamoto. In here he may not be that old yet.

Much later, we have two red rangers on stage- Masaru Shishido (Oh Red) and Ryosuke Sakamoto.

Yuuta Mochizuki after Zyuranger. He doesn't look much different. Unlike Austin St. John, he seems to have stayed fit.

An older photo of Reiko Chiba as a yoga instructor. I think she aged faster than Amy Jo Johnson or is it due to bad photo quality?

Shiro Izumi has really gained weight. If I'm not wrong, he's more relaxed as a businessman than as an actor.

Teruaki Ogawa in some special event. Aged naturally. He looks more like his role in Gingaman than he was in Kakuranger in this photo.

Kane Kosugi- I don't like his new hairstyle though.

Satomi Hirose still looks kind of the same like she was in Kakuranger.

Yuuji Kishi, husband of Mika Kikuchi. I was used to his short hair before though.

An older Megaranger cast. It seems Eri Tanaka hasn't aged much. Was she that young when she entered the show?

Shigeru Kannai has aged rather normally.

Kazuki Meihara's new hairstyle bothers me.

Kouji Sueyoshi looks kind of like a bad boy.

Shouehei (I don't know his real name) still looking good.

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  1. Wow. This is so cool. Nice to see what they all look like.

  2. Please upload more super sentai senior cast...


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