Poll Results as of April 25, 2010

Here are the newest poll results:

How do you find extra rangers in Sentai?

51//60 said yes, 9/60 said no. I think people like having extra rangers and extra heroes. So far, no sixth ranger was included in the opening credits until Megaranger (correction, ha ha ha). For other extra rangers like in Liveman which made a team of three to a team of five, the additional two were added into the opening credits. Also later, Tetsu/Deka Break was the first sixth ranger to be more developed rather than just appearing when the team needs help. I used a picture of Burai because he was the first sixth ranger to appear for some time. I don't count X-1 Mask as such.

As a Sentai fan, do you like Kamen Rider?

47/58 said yes. I guess that's why TV-Asahi shows Kamen Rider back to back with Sentai. Hmmm if TV5 gets Go-onger (but I suggest they should also get Shinkenger and Dekaranger) it may still be showed with Kamen Rider. A lot of Sentai fans new or old still like Kamen Rider. However I've gotten biased about the turn Kamen Rider has taken on lately while Super Sentai as of today may not be as action-packed but it doesn't easily stale.


  1. Just to point out: Megasilver was included in the credits of Megaranger.

  2. Thanks for the correction Wingspan.


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