Remembering "Green with Evil" in Zyuranger

Okay I label it as "Green with Evil" during the five episodes that focused on Zyuranger's most tragic hero Burai. Well of course, since that really very sloppily edited Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers remastered is coming, I would want to remember those "Green with Evil" episodes in Zyuranger which are labeled as:

Episode 17 is when Burai first appears. He was trapped in suspended animation and he was filled with vengeance after Ryota releases him. Who can remember Barza in army uniform? By the way, Griforther shows most of his strength in that episode. I was kind of amazed how Burai's awakening was later used in MMPR as the part where Tommy gets his powers from Rita- which I find was a really too obvious that he "became" somebody else because even in shadow, Burai is NOT Tommy. They should have just made their own footage instead.  Pretty much I thought Rita was an idiot to randomly choose Tommy compared to Burai's appearance in Zyuranger which Bandora had a much better choice for a real badass warrior.

A little weird thing about Zyuranger is revealed- so okay we discover that Daizyujin has a mind of its own so why do the Zyurangers pilot it? Anyway it's my theory that Daizyujin is a host body for a lesser deity known as the Dinosaur God and that he allows the Zyurangers to use its power showing the collaboration between human and divine.

Episode 18 is a startling revelation for Geki to learn Burai is his brother and he was adopted by the Yamato King. Strangely the one who acts as the child Burai will become Kibaranger for the next series, Dairanger also a sixth member. It's also here the Sword of Darkness appears. It was also here the wonderful Bandora song was played which some fans didn't want to see MMPR ever again after seeing it (they saw MMPR first). Awesome how Burai could fight Griforther even without morphing.

Episode 19 we see more action from Lami than Scorpina in MMPR. Lami here is thought of to be a Dora monster but she laughs and it's a pleasant surprise for Griforther to see his wife he hasn't seen for centuries and well, we see a great contrast between Burai and the Bandora Gang. Episode 20 is plain epic evil especially when Burai grows giant sized and assists Griforther and Lami to defeat Daizyujin.  This of course wasn't surprising for me to learn that Griforther and Lami were married because I always assumed that Goldar and Scorpina were a couple.  A pleasant surprise compared to Burai's death later on.

Episode 21 is even more epic as Dragon Caesar arises and challenges the Zyurangers and it's almost time for the biggest moment. I kind of am amazed to see how cowardly Bandora's gang are when Burai attempts to kill their queen, they shrink away but awesome how Bandora can stand on her own with magic we NEVER got to see in MMPR.  I'll say Tommy wasn't that cool as Burai ever was.  Tommy has his credits but he's never Burai by any means.  And I love all the drama that is unleashed as Burai realizes he only has 30 hours to live and he still wants to afflict his brother Geki.

Episode 22 is when Burai joins the Zyurangers but it's just the beginning of more sadness as the startling revelation of his limited life force is seen. Also in this episode, there's more drama than there was in MMPR in the fight between Geki and Burai. The most awesome part has to be when Burai overcomes the Sword of Darkness with the true goodness inside him rather than just the red ranger blasting the sword to end the curse (which the footage was blurry so it suggests that it was the alternate footage that Toei deleted but allowed Saban to use). Oh yeah, Geki totally ripped off Takeru's laser arrow from Maskman too!


  1. This is the best arc in Zyuranger, and probably one of the best in the whole Super Sentai franchise.


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