Remembering "White Light" in Dairanger

If there was "Green with Evil", there was "White Light" but this was in Dairanger.

Those episodes featured the most unlikely type of Sentai ranger, a KID! Well those who saw Power Rangers first before the originals the shows were franchised from might say, "WOAH! Justin was... the white ranger?" Like Justin, I find Kou to be some kid who gets his dream of being a ranger to become a reality. Of course Lin hates him for his habitual groping of her breasts and that he's one unpleasant person to be with. We saw him as the younger Burai in Zyuranger.

If you didn't like Justin in Power Rangers Turbo, I suggest you not to go any further.

Who would have thought that the powers of Byakko would be with a NINE YEAR OLD? Ha ha. The Dairangers don't know anything of his human identity yet. He receives his powers in episode 17 and reveals himself as Kibaranger in episode 18. Byakkoshinken does the talking for him to hide his true identity. BTW he does have some mischief moments and flashbacks of his mother acted by yours truly Mikoko Miki who acted as Aya Ogadiri in Jetman.

General Tenpou appears, one higher than Shaddam and the Emperor's right hand man. He's certainly more competent than Goldar would be to Lord Zedd if you ask me.

We also discover of Kibaranger's twin brother Akomaru. He was ranked higher than his father and he frequently irritates his father Shaddam.

He was accompanied by three SISTERS namely Earring, Necklace and Ring. They appear from episode 17-22. Hmmmm that's longer than the three parter White Light. Unlike in MMPR they are far deadlier and cunning. Kibaranger manages to beat them in battle but it's not the end for them yet.

Episode 20 was kind of a turning point. The Gorma Empire reawakens and a rivalry between Tenpou and Shaddam ensues. The Emperor was just creepy and more insane than Lord Zedd was for me. He assigns Shaddam to ensure that the Won Tiger doesn't awaken but it does anyway.

Well it's really something at a kid should also be destined to use Won Tiger.

Finally the Kibadaioh was formed when Won Tiger first fuses with the armor elements of Dairenoh to defeat the three sisters. Despite the victory, thus starts a sad chapter for Kibaranger as he thinks of his mother and his evil brother Akomaru.


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