Sentai Fight Week as of April 12, 2010

Now it's time for the fight week results. Insomnia is getting to be. Heh. Anyway here they are:

Fight#1- Riki Honoo vs. Kyosuke Jinnai. 16/21 votes for Riki Honoo. He would naturally with all the unusual amounts of power he shows. Kyosuke Jinnai's not as hot as he is.

Fight#2- Grifother vs. Shaddam. Shaddam wins by 13/16 votes. Shaddam is more scheming and intelligent than Griforther is so he outsmarted his opponent.

Fight #3- Silver vs. Bomber the Great- I can't help but think that Silver's existence may have inspired the creation of Bomber the Great. As for the fight, Silver wins by 11/16 votes. I think the anti-bio particles plus Balzion could really crush Bomber the Great.

Fight#4- Lin/Houou Ranger vs. Mei/Ptera Ranger- Lin wins by 13/19 votes. Yup. I think Lin can kick the crap out of Mei with her martial arts and ki power.

Fight#5- Red Hawk vs. Ryuranger. Ryuranger won by 14/21 votes. Ryuranger would easily beat the crap out of Red Hawk in any battle.

Fight#6- Red Falcon vs. Hurricane Red- In this battle, I think the more experienced Red Falcon would win even if I like Hurricanger better. Red Falcon wins 17/22 votes.

Fight#7- Red Mask vs. Shinken Red- Shinken Red won by 16/23 votes. In the battle between two Takerus, I think most people like Shinken Red better for some of these reasons I think are real- he's far more organized, less temperamental than Red Mask.


  1. I hope everyone who voted, voted for who they thought would win in a fight, rather than who they like more (which is a common problem with these things). XD


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