Different Enemy Tactics

The thing is the enemies in Super Sentai had different combat tactics and here are some I could remember. They are:

The use of human misdeeds against the humans. This is common especially among the supernatural enemies.

Overly preposterous schemes. Bandora was known for those kinds of attacks. Perhaps the funniest enemy attack has to be when Bandora planned to make everybody sneeze uncontrollably.

The use of one's physical beauty. Some of the villains were kind of hot that they would be able to deceive people.

The use of fear factor. Some villains found the rangers' greatest fears and used it against them in hopes of securing an easy victory.

The abolishing of human necessity. The villains would also target whatever humans need to survive from food to even love.

The perversion of positive human emotions. For example, we had monsters causing people to romantically like people.

It's a more personal one- like the Nagare Bouma of Turboranger as well as Rio and Melee in Gekiranger.

The use of human disguises to blend in with the public. In Bioman, it was commonly used although Farrah was the one who frequently used it the most followed by Mason. Monster also got involved with two disguises- one as a candidate for governor and the other to get the sword. However the rangers always knew it was them. LOL.

The use of deception. Yup male and female alike, deception was a hot tactic but it was more well-used by female commanders than by male ones. Perhaps the greatest deception is how a monster-of-the-week became a king over humans, namely Zeba in Maskman.

Framing the heroes that they've gone bad when they never will as true heroes. A good example was when in Fiveman, the Galaxy Men stole their powers and used them to cause havoc. In Zyuranger, Dora Mirage created a fake Zyuranger team to frame the Zyurangers.

Creating an evil sentai force. This happened with Fiveman's Galaxy Men, Kakuranger's Hanarangers, Carranger's Zokurangers and Megaranger's Nejirangers.

The use of mind control and possession tactics. They vary. Some of the enemies had mind-control abilities and probably the most famous are Tranza in Jetman and Gaja in Boukenger. The most infamous method has to be using innocent people against the rangers or even a ranger against the rest which was a very sneaky plan like how Princess Igam turned Akira into Fencer Unas in hopes to destroy the Maskmen with their own fellow ranger.

Also we can't forget that the enemies would devise extremely difficult situations for the rangers to struggle into especially upgrading what they have more than once. These would even go against the most powerful of their equipment as they realize that what they thought was the best wasn't the best. Some villains in this category would be Zenobia in Dynaman, Chevalier in Fiveman, Tranza in Jetman, Shaddam in Dairanger and the Questers in Boukenger.


  1. I really liked the idea of the Nejirangers. Hopefully Goseiger will have something similar.

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