A Focus on My Idea of a Shinkenger PR Adaptation

I think it's time to spotlight on what a Shinkenger as Power Rangers adaptation is and I think the name Sword Dynasty will fit better, seeing that when the Shinkengers morph, they spelled out Chinese characters, maybe and just maybe, Saban can ignore it be Japanese and change it to Chinese (he just LOOOVES Korean and Chinese rangers) or just get it to Japanese.

Oh yeah I suggest show Shinkenger first before this!

Plot: A peaceful empire known as Styx is usurped by the vicious Emperor Gedor (Emperor Doukoku in Shinkenger) and corrupts it and now seeks to conquer Earth after the defeat of its previous emperor at the hands of the Lee Shan clan. The Lee Shan clan however runs into the martial artist/scientist Samuel Hung (a character based on Maskman's Sanjoru Sugata) who trains the clan's 18th generation head Michael, holds a competition which gathers four non-Asians who were hesitantly appointed as rangers. Now they must gather together to stop the empire.

Here are my other thoughts:

It may be time to get an Oriental red ranger for the very first time to keep things fresh. The orientals have served all colors of the basic palette of PR but red, maybe because of the target audience. It would be very cool to get an Oriental red ranger for the first time while the rest are non-Asians. Now we just need a Chinese guy to be the main guy and I'll name the red ranger Michael Joe Leeshan.

Then maybe the plot can be one Asian guy gets four non-Asians to help him combat the forces of evil despite the clan's nonsense rules. :-P And hopefully Haim Saban seeks to balance the abilities of his new Asian ranger before he becomes too great a fighter like Trini Kwan (she had the coolest moves ever) or too smart a thinker like Kai Chen. I think he'll just be a Tommy type character which should be more balanced with the same likable personality. I wonder who'll fit in for this one and only Asian red ranger in Power Rangers history?

We can have a hot American lady play the pink ranger and as the red ranger's love interest, the "Mako" of the series who I'll name Marianne Sherwood (play on Mako Shiraishi LOL). She gets the attention of Michael Joe Leeshan which of course, she only wants to be his friend as getting an Oriental boyfriend is out of her interests. I think a little gag is when Marianne Sherwood doesn't accept the idea of dating him but she opens up later, realizing she's gained feelings for him. I think she should be the Kimberly Hart type of character. Since Saban is now connected to Nickelodeon, I think the lovely Emma Roberts will do for the role.

Of course, the clan goes against her relationship to the red ranger and reveals...

I think the female red ranger should be the fiance that the red ranger's parents had arranged him to marry. You should be able to know by now she's Kaoru's counterpart but there's more than meets the eye. She will have more parts than Kaoru ever did. She of course will still stay as the female red ranger for three episodes but more civilian papers will be involved. Something's dark about this woman and why are they arranged?

ChrisX also asked me what about the others so I'll add them at his request from the comments. I have NO IDEA yet who gets to be who but here's my plan for the other rangers:
  • The blue ranger will be a black man named Roberto Iwanda, an African-American talented singer and composer.
  • The green ranger will be a white man named Charles Trent who is initially having biases about the leader being an Oriental but he learns to accept it, getting over his racist views which will happen for a short while.
  • The yellow ranger will be a Latin girl named Kornelia Hernandez who would probably be closer to her Shinkenger counterpart.
  • The gold ranger will be a French guy named Gerald Ulliel in tribute to the French hat worn by Genta. He of course will be a wacky guy. Unlike Genta, he and Michael won't open up that easily until they realize they need each other to defeat the enemy.
  • Daigoyou will be renamed as Robo Lantern who will be an assistant android who later finds out he's been designed for combat.
The return of Bulk and Skull as useful comic relief rather than those who don't build up the plot like they used to back then. How? Well they can serve as the attendants of the Power Rangers and let them wear oriental outfits and call the red ranger as their master. They'll be extremely loyal as to NEVER conceal the rangers' identities even if somebody coerces them to. They'll have the line "Bulk and Skull at your service!" Hopefully they're still available.

Changing the Gedoushu to aliens instead of the supernatural. Maybe not. Boggle. Lost Galaxy anyone? Hmmm I think it would be useful to give Emperor Geddor a disguise. If there's some way, well I think I might make the Gedoushu an underground race planning to conquer the surface world but they were once a peaceful kingdom.

Oh yeah, don't make it too serious, just somewhat like the mood of Lost Galaxy or maybe Time Force or lesser but not to a campy level.

PS. I hope Saban will find this on the Internet and get it!


  1. A 'Bulk and Skull'-like character for Shinkenger-PR would be completely original. Maybe replacing the Kuroko? The Kuroko themselves can get wacky at times...

    When you said "They meet martial artist master Director Samuel Hung who trains them to unleash the hidden aura power inside their bodies.", I don't know, but that's sounding like Maskman instead of Shinkenger. But for adaptation's sake, I'll not complain.

    By the way, in case you did not notice on your email, I sent you a message on how I made my own blog, inspired by you. You can view it from my profile.

    By the way, have you even thought on how the counterparts of Ryunosuke, Chiaki, Kotoha and Genta would look like? Or Daigoyou? I look forward on seeing your imaginations on how Shinkenger-PR would look like.

  2. @ChrisX-

    Okay I'll add it into this blog entry so PLEASE check it again.

  3. Thanks for taking the requests in. It was quite the touch that you made the Genta counterpart a French guy, since Genta in the end of Shinkenger travels to France.

    You have wonderful ideas.

  4. Found something regarding about the casting of PR.

    Casting PR

  5. @UkiyaSeed- I hope Saban changes his mind about the red ranger and try to use an Asian for once, at least to create a more unique Power Ranger then he can continue making Caucasian and African red rangers for all he cares, at least to make his re-entry memorable.

  6. Sebastien PitchesJuly 15, 2010 at 11:23 AM

    if i made shinkenger into power rangers here is how i would do it:

    1)make it the first season in which the rangers are in middle school, 7th grade, the 4 vassals are 13 and the red leader and gold ranger is 14.

    2)i would also have an asian red ranger and as for the other 4, here is what i believe they deserved for ethnicity and personality

    Blue Ranger-Kevin Parker,13,austrian, favorite subject is geography,he is a very disciplined and respectful boy, though he is also a comedian, he always wanted to learn the way of a samurai and hopes to be able to learn taekwondo there

    Pink Ranger-Sophie Garcia,13,dominican, favorite subject is language arts,she is very motherley and girly (such as making the other members watch kid movies and playing kid games),
    loves children, wants a boyfriend, is in deep love with the leader and hopes to marry him

    Green Ranger-Devon Taylor,13,french, favorite subject is math, he is very arrogant and stubborn, he is an expert at guitar hero and can easily get 100% on a song, he hopes to be the leader.

    Yellow Ranger-Megan Benson,13,italian, favorite subject is science, she is very tough and tomboy-ish, she usually enjoys playing sports with kevin,devon, and henry, she hopes one day to form a band with kevin, devon, and henry.

    Gold Ranger-Henry Nagai,14, Japanese, favorite subject is gym, he is a very comedic student, also known as the class clown, he enjoys making sushi and selling sushi in order to make money so he could do good deeds like donate it to people in latin america, or to buy supplies for the main team such as food, clothes, and entertainment, he may be all goofy but has a nice heart for his friends.

  7. @Sebastian Pitches- I'd rather use Chinese than Japanese themes for my adaptation. An oriental-white romance? Not anything new though although in the past, it's the guy who's usually white.

  8. sean. you have a good blog but power rangers is a stupid childish ripoff of super sentai. there is no way it is mature or good. it rivals 4kids in crapiness. no disrespect sean but the power rangers stuff is kiddie.


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