Goseiger 14- Of Earth and Sea

There's a little Earth and Sea situation between Hyde and Moune.

So okay they really don't get along at the start of the episode. The thing is Hyde is always belittling Moune during the start as she is the youngest member. Hmmm... lover's quarrel?

They are forced to work together when Tageito of the Satellite traps them into a blank dimension, which however by working together they do escape to be able to assist the others to defeat the monster of the week. Of course it's never without the overprotective big brother in Agri when he loses his little sister for awhile.

Next week... it looks like Mons Drake is going out. So far we'll have to see. If you remember Shuten of Gaoranger, he died in episode 14 at the hands of Gaorangers and was taken over by another Highness Org. Will the same fate happen to Mons Drake? I kind of have a theory that there is a greater power behind the Warstar empire, perhaps a hidden villain or will he resurrect?