Goseiger 15- Mons Drake's End, New Enemy in Next Episode

Goseiger 15 presents the end of Warstar or is it?

Mons Drake unable to accept any more defeats together and with his sidekick Bladerun decide it's their final battle against the Goseigers. Things look grim as Bladerun pilots their battleship Invader in an attempt to destroy the Goseigers, storing the Earth's oxygen hoping to blow up the Earth. This creates a terrible situation nearly killing the planet.

It's one big giant battle that finishes them both or is it? Well if you remember Gaoranger, Org Highness Shuten was destroyed quite early and a new enemy appeared an episode after. On the other hand, Bladerun might have escaped. Who knows?

However it's too early to celebrate as the next episode presents a new enemy- is he a remnant of Warstar? Is there a more powerful enemy in store for them? Stay tuned! I hope Goseiger doesn't become too short!


  1. Yeah, there's a new enemy coming out. Their group is called Yumaju. The sci-fi movie theme is carried over to their kaijins, albeit most of them utilize horror film themes as well. And yeah, you got it right brother. Bladerun survives and joins Yumaju, now carrying the name Bladerun of the Chupacabra.


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