Goseiger 16- Dynamic Alata

The Goseigers think that their mission is over but it's FAR from over as far as script writers are concerned. Master Head tells them to think about their future as rangers. Now a new, mysterious enemy appears and it's a tough call. The thing is this reminded me of how the Gaorangers thought Shuten's defeat meant their battles were over until the new enemy Ura showed up to make their lives miserable.

We find out that the Goseigers are attacked one by one by the new enemy. The rangers who are injured are Eri, Moune and Agri. Seeing Eri being attacked first reminds me of Kimberly being attacked in MMPR and well, call me stupid for getting Tommy-Kimberly nostalgia whenever I see Alata getting together with Eri.

It's an intense battle with Derepta who managed to survive the last attack. Alata and Hyde fight together to defeat the enemy but he's become tougher than before.

Alata decides to fight a desperate battle with Derepta. It's one awesome battle.

Only this time, Alata kills him single-handedly like in most red ranger vs. general battles. Hmmm... I hope Goseiger improves the action scenes soon.

Things look pretty grim as the next episode, the new enemy will unveil itself called the Spectral Demon Beasts group based on the supernatural, led by Blob (NOT to be confused with the Marvel character). Oh yeah, Bladerun returns as Bladerun of the Chupacabra.


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