Goseiger Epic 12- Dereputa's Demise, Hyper Goseigreat Appears

Somehow Epic 12 is somewhat an episode that gave me mixed feelings- I'm kinda sad that Dereputa has to die early, I mean this should be the earliest Sentai main villain death. I can remember Shuten was killed in episode 14 of Gaoranger and in an earlier series like Goggle V, Igaana and Zazoriya were killed in episode 15. I think newer generals will serve Monsu after this episode... hopefully this time more vicious and evil. Hopefully Rikiya Koyama will appear as another villain.

Another thought- in past Sentai, most of the red rangers defeated the enemy generals single-handed. In Goseiger when Dereputa is written off (I think they'll create another general and I hope Rikiya Koyama will still voice him and that guy appears in the flesh) the Goseigers do a team effort. That was something that should have been done with past enemy generals to show their immense power. I think a new general should show up and hopefully he'll be a big challenge against the Goseigers to liven up the show.

What's really amazing is that Datas does not only have a giant robot mode but he also can combine with the mecha. I wonder why NOBODY ever thought of it before? I think he really is trying to combine Sentai assistant androids with Tetraboy.
Hmmm. So far this is a combination of the Skick Brothers, Seaick Brothers, Landick Brothers and Hyper Datas. Datas sure has put more use in battle than he is in mentoring. I wonder what Toei ate to do this?

For the next episode, I can't wait to see Eri train Alata. That should be hilarious providing that Eri is a funny girl. Chemistry maybe?


  1. Is that Data? The tiny mecha with huge cartoonish eyes?

  2. @DancingAlienDude- Yes he is. I wonder why no assistant android ever grew giant before?


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