Goseiger's Got Something Hidden?

The thing is I was kind of thinking that Goseiger must be getting stale. Why? First we see Dereputa of the Meteor (correction) die in episode 12 after Mons Drake tries to destroy the Earth. Now in episode 15, we have the upcoming demise of Mons Drake and it seems Bereduran is either going to take over for the rest of the series or is there something behind the scenes. Looks like Goseiger will have new villains and I think that Rikiya Koyama may appear in the flesh as a new enemy general or maybe, even Tetsuo Kurata of Black RX fame despite the fact they've aged.

Okay so we have a king is just a king but an emperor is the king above the other kings in the empire. For example in China you have an emperor and a king. Cao Cao was a king under the rule of Emperor Han during the Three Kingdoms era. So apparently, Mons Drake is just a king sent by a more powerful entity of evil that's yet to reveal itself and send more evil generals, I assume will still be voiced by Shozo Iizuka and I hope he'll be scarier than Demon King Psycho was in Sharivan.

But honestly speaking, I think Goseiger's really needing to liven up and I think having a true ruler behind Warstar may be the key.


  1. You made a little error, the one who gets killed in episode 12 is Dereputa of the Meteor, no Bledoran of the Comet.


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