How I Thought of Kaoru Shiba Overall

If there was any character in Shinkenger I found interesting yet underrated it was Kaoru Shiba. What made her interesting she is a real heroine female red ranger unlike the arrogant A-Squad leader in Power Rangers SPD. Also, she was the true head of the Shiba clan. While she seemed to be a spoiled brat at the start, she becomes a likable character even if her combat skills aren't as competent as her shadow warrior (who she "adopted" as her son) Takeru Shiba, well I think I like it whenever she silences the real spoiled brat attendant Tanba because he was just so plain annoying, more annoying than Bulk and Skull combined.

I thought that she should have been given an important role even if her sealing technique failed. In fact when Takeru returned to the team as their leader, I thought it was pretty unfair for the writers to injure her so she never made it into the final battle- something I digress because I really wanted a finale with two red rangers, it would have been interesting. Also, I remember the thought of that while I like Takeru to prevail but rumors about her being killed also got me to shiver.

So I have to admit it was pretty weird she decided to make Takeru her "son" when she could just make him her "older brother" because Takeru was an adopted Shiba prior to her revelation as the true head. In fact, while she was an interesting character, I really wanted her to play a more important part than just make the last Shinken disk to ensure the Shinkengers will win. In the end, she left the dojo to its non-blood heir.