Hypocrisy of Sentai Villains

The thing is Sentai villains justify their evil with the evil of most humanity. But even as a fact, that doesn't give them ANY justification to do what they're doing- two wrongs doesn't make a right! The reason why monsters of the week have to be killed is because life is to be paid with life and if murderers aren't dealt with, they'll wreck more havoc.

Here are a few of those villains:

Ragorn and his minions justify their attacks because many humans are uncaring and selfish as if they're not. A good example of this hypocrisy was when Professor Rehda unleashed Licking Bouma- they condemn humans for pollution yet they return pollution more.

Radiguet mentioned during his first encounter with Red Hawk that all humans are foolish while Red Hawk disagrees. After all, he's just as selfish and uncaring as most humans he hates. Proofs happen whenever he was marked or something, especially when after feeling a little love from a human girl, still he killed her to strip away any trace of humanity. He's really more cold-blooded than his fellow officers, even ungrateful to his empress who looked up to him for his skills. In the end, he displayed the same behavior of humans are bastards as a robber, he mugged Guy Yuki on the wedding day of Ryu Tendo and Kaori Rokumeikan as a thug without his powers.

Bandora calls the Earth to be nothing but a world full of evil to justify what she's doing as if she's not full of evil. This was mentioned in her theme song.

Dr. Hinelar in much contempt for his tragedies lashes it on the world. That makes him no better than the people he hates.

Ryuon is probably the best example with Boukenger along with the Questers. Ryuon was a greedy, ambitious scientist who was abandoned by his mates and he sought to forsake his humanity, becoming more inhuman in the process. While he calls humans to be ruthless, he's also a ruthless individual. No wonder why he and the Questers teamed up in episodes 33-34 keeping the same thinking. His rivalry with Satoru Akashi showed the contrast between them and marked them both many times until their final duel. In the end, like Radiguet he remained cold and callous, still the same hypocrite as before even when he was turned to human.


  1. In several episodes you can see how it's justified for why any of these villains would hate humans and look down on them for being foolish. However, they all end up being foolish themselves.


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