Incredibly Dumb Sentai Villains

Sentai had some not just dumb but INCREDIBLY DUMB villains in Super Sentai. These are:

Monster in Bioman- He's just one big moron. He hardly uses his brain and he's the one who's way too loyal to Doctorman that he even questioned Mason's plan to carry out the assassination. He is more of comedy relief with his partner Juuoh who's just as dumb as he is.

Turboranger had Zulten who outlived his superiors Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda who died in the middle of the series and was later bullied by the Nagare Bouma for his incompetence. He created Zulten Metal Type in hopes of winning a promotion but failed. He has no real loyalty whatsoever that is when Ragorn was "killed", he sided with the Nagare Bouma only to return loyalty to Ragorn afterward. He was killed when he assaulted the Turbo Builder via fighter jets.

Later we had Bukback in Zyuranger. He's even dumber and more annoying than Zulten (that is to the bad guys), he got on Bandora's nerves more than Zulten got on Ragorn's nerves. He couldn't even fire his gun right 99% of the time. At least Zulten could. Like Zulten, he created his own monster (with the help of his superior Tottobatto) which was that powerful until the magic flowers Boi gathered weakened it severely. In the end, he rejoined his gang in the same jar.

Zelmoda of Carranger got the nerves of Zonette because of his stupidity. For me, he was the only member of the Bowzock that made me laugh hard, Gynamo was kind of fierce and Zonette, well she wasn't even funny, she was really dangerous. He of course wasn't so evil so he's just the yes man of Bowzock. In the end, he and Grotch decided to attend elementary school.


  1. Sorry, incomplete post.

    Interestingly, some cite that Zulten is even worse because he stayed while the more-severe and serious villains like Lehda, Jarmin and Zimba got offed so quickly.

    Okay, finished commenting!

  2. I thought Zulten was funny for several episodes. But eventually, he just got downright annoying. He just wouldn't do anything interesting.


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