Mason and Farrah- Even Evil Androids Fall in Love

I just don't know what came into my head but I think there was a relationship between Mason and Farrah, implied that the two got into a relationship even as androids. This is one of the biggest things that somewhat made Chodenshi Bioman memorable.

Okay let's start it off- Mason being the leader of the Big Three tends to overshadow his two teammates. A little implication was shown in episode three after Dr. Man punished Monster and Juuoh for failure with an electric beam that they agreed to each other.

So okay here- Farrah used to show resentment towards Mason especially in episode 12 when the task was given to him instead of her. However as time passed, the two began to get closer especially in episodes 19-20 when they were assigned to recover the Black Prince whose memory was jumbled up by Blue Three's hurtful words. Of course with Mason's and Farrah's deceitful tactics, they did achieve what they needed.

In episode 22, the two began to work together- Mason did the planning to steal gold bars to collapse the global economy, Farrah did the implementation which of course got Monster mad at them. Later on, after Mason discovered Dr. Man was a human being, he told Farrah first and left Monster out of the picture until he realized he needed Monster's help in episode 29. However the plan was discovered and he along with Farrah and Monster were reprogrammed.

But that didn't end their relationship even when Dr. Man reprogrammed them to be loyal to him to their end. Perhaps one of their closest times was when although Farrah was in charge of the Nega Magnetic rock operation, Mason assisted Farrah in the scheme. Of course, they spent some tender moments together during that time.

Mason was soon disgusted to learn that Monster had a crush on Farrah during the dream operation, fortunately for him Farrah found it repulsive. Towards the end, Farrah's death after being seriously injured in battle while using Balzion in episode 49. Seeing her die, Mason stood pause with Psygorn before their deaths in the following episode.


  1. I kind of wondered what Mason was thinking when Farrah was killed?

  2. What is the Nega Magnetic rock operation episode?


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