An Older Rika Kishida Picture

I admit I NEVER had a crush on her in Jetman (mine was Ako Hayasaka because she reminded me of one of my old crushes) but here's a rather curious picture of her with a child. Is this her child? Somebody told me that she got married to Kotaro Tanaka (who if I'm not wrong is no longer acting) and that they have a family already, doing business and not into show business. On the other hand, somebody told me she married a Chinese guy and another source tells me that the one who married a Chinese guy was Sayuri Uchida (the only one who didn't appear in the Jetman reunion which from what I heard was because of her husband's job).


  1. It drives me crazy. Who did she marry!? I wanna know! XD

  2. There's been a lot of conflicting information online regarding what happened to various sentai/tokusatsu actors that it would be interesting if we could find Japanese fans or showbiz insiders who can give us the real information on them.

  3. Oh, wow.

    You should try some punctuation.

  4. she still has that welcoming smile.

    by the way did rika play that reporter in kakuranger episode 9? she looks and souns just like her!

  5. Baby: please let me out im bored
    Kaori: shut up im a power ranger(super sentai)
    Baby: i dont care


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