Poll Results as of May 16, 2010

Do you find Shinkenger to be way overrated? It's a close battle with 31/59 saying yes, 28/59 saying no. Close battle really.

Are you looking forward to the Shinkenger special? 45/56 said yes, 11/56 said no. Hmmm people do like Shinkenger huh?

How do you find Datas' morphing? 31/39 said awesome, 3/39 said not a very good plot and a 5/39 want to dismantle him. Those who answered the last option are cruel.

What weakness do you think is present in 2000s Sentai? 20/47 thinks it's just fine (hate it when people refuse to point out the mistakes to improve it), 11/47 47 said too much CGI which is true at times, 8/47 says too much mecha in some shows, 4/47 voted for both lack of seriousness and lack of civilian action scenes. Only if people just voice out their improvements.

Do you think Goseiger needs to liven up the plot? 27/33 say yes, 8/33 said no.


  1. I voted for the lack of civilian action! I grew up watching the older sentais and it was pretty cool to see our heroes do some out-suit action.

  2. @Ling-

    I agree. It's what newer Sentai lack.

  3. Yeah civilian action needs to come back.

    But I voted for the too much CGI and the too much mecha. But this is all directed towards the most recent seasons. Not the entirety of the 2000s.


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