Poll Results as of May 28, 2010

How do you feel that Saban is returning? 31/51 said it's great (Sentai-PR fans regardless of category), 13/51 said they're neutral (typical I like Sentai more than PR but I don't mind about PR existing maybe?) and 7/51 said "Boo, Hiss". I think those who voted for "Boo Hiss" may be either Sentai purists or Disney over Saban supporters.

Which makes better Power Rangers? Not surprisingly 23/42 want Shinkenger while a good number of 19/42 want Goseiger. I just hope Saban decides to use an Asian red ranger for the first and the last time to make his comeback memorable. We've seen so many black and white red rangers, why not a yellow one too?

What should Saban do for a Shinkenger adaptation? 32/43 voted for an Asian red ranger and I think that should be it. 23/42 voted for a forbidden romance between pink and red ranger. Both pink ranger should be a hot American lady and red ranger should be the only Asian got 18/42 votes and I agree to both. Changing Gedoushu to aliens and the return of Bulk and Skull got the least votes- only 9/43 votes.

What should Saban do for a Goseiger adaptation? 21/34 votes go for rangers are from Eltar. 14/34 go for Professor Phenomenus as mentor and another Asian red ranger. I disagree- a Shinkenger adaptation should be the only one with an Asian red. 11/34 for rebuild Datas as Alpha Five. Only 8/34 want Zordon back.