Ryosuke Kaizu Casted as One Shot Romances with Pink Rangers After Maskman

After Maskman, Ryosuke Kaizu was somewhat pursuing J-drama and other types of shows instead of Toku but he still bothered to guest star in Toku whenever needed. Here were some of those romances I could remember.

Strangely enough I heard Maskman was supposed to be called Fiveman, after Maskman he appears in episode 22 as a scientist who falls for Five Pink. This was when the Killer Queen an alien who allied herself with the Zone Empire shows up in search for his invention to help propagate life. He sacrificed it to defeat the Killer Queen. He left Japan and was never heard from again.

In Dairanger, it seems he pays tribute to Gorin Dobler but in a more dramatic way- again another pink ranger. He was a monster of the Gorma under Gara's command who was going to drain Lin's life force but he fell for her anyway and even confessed his true secret. Because of this, Gara seriously injured him to kill him. His monster form was turned giant and was used as a puppet. Lin threw away the picture into the ocean after his tragic death to forget the tragedy.

Anyway for those who are curious to who he married, read this entry:

Ryosuke Kaizu's Family


  1. you're right sean. after his stint in maskman he was casted as one shot romances with pink rangers, but, could you also write his short stint as a villain in super rescue solbrain with a picture. i was able to watch a little that episode and i was surprised seeing him in that character. more power, sean

  2. has he ever guested in turboranger?


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