Ryuon's Marks in Boukenger

Ryuon of Boukenger I believe is more interesting than Gaja who was more of a sadistic guy with a sick sense of humor. Besides this villain has to be really crazy, obsessed about revenge and has many times been "marked" in Boukenger. If Radiguet was marked, I think he was too. Like Radiguet, Ryuon was obsessed with revenge, had a very short temper, sadistic and would do anything to get revenge, even if it means siding with an enemy to do so. Also both had some close life and death encounters too. In fact, these traits make him my favorite villain in the series. Sigh I wished Daisuke Tachi played this incredibly evil character!

He and Gaja never had a good relationship. In fact, the two openly despised each other in a matter of saying Ryuon despised Gaja as much as Radiguet despised Tranza. And Gaja like Tranza always used a witty retort against him. He was betrayed by Gaja even during their first alliance who tried to imprison him but he escaped. Ever since then, the two couldn't get along especially in Task 11 when Gaja exploited the engines for himself.

He and Bouken Red fought many times. His first mark with him was in Task 2 when Bouken Red scarred his chest (just like how Red Hawk scarred Radiguet's face during their first battle), thus developing a grudge after he fell down the cliff but survived. In Task 4, he returns and gets defeated again in his failed attempt to turn the world hot enough for dragons. In Task 7, his journals were discovered by a famous author, which will soon lead to his secrets especially how he creates dragons. The two were instinctive opponents like Red Hawk and Radiguet.

Perhaps one of his most infamous marks was when he pretended to help Ragi, only to want the Aqua Crystal for himself. Ragi trusted him while he plotted to do his betrayal from the very beginning. That of course showed that even if he had some opportunities for redemption, he wanted to stay the evil guy he is... just like Radiguet in Jetman.

He suffered another life-and-death survival in Task 29 when Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red pulled Zubaan off the stone. He was supposedly killed but was revealed to have survived in Task 33 which again, surprised the Boukengers. That again left another scar for awhile.

It was also in Task 29 he was revealed to be a human being who was insane about creating a world for dragons and was betrayed by his own crew. He was a man driven by revenge and sadistic motives that he altered his human form into a monster.

He reveals his utter hatred for humanity in Tasks 33-34 even more by teaming up with the demonic Questers in a treacherous alliance, something that his rival Bouken Red questions him why he did it. They planned to use the Sun of Lemuria to power up his ultimate robot Dragon Grand which was defeated by the Gogo Voyager. He revealed his sinister side by laughing at the revelation that Natsuki will soon die after her life force is used up while fighting Bouken Black. Soon enough in Task 41, their alliance breaks marking him yet again.

His last mark was in Task 47. After his powers were decreasing for some reason, he sought the Pandora's Box but it was taken by Gaja. He feigned his death so he could invade the Precious Warehouse which was soon set to self-destruct. He fought rather intensely with Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red to where soon enough, the Lemurian helmet was destroyed turning him human. This also concluded his hostility with Gaja.

Despite his chance to become a good guy, like Radiguet, Ryuon refuses to do so and tries to kill Satoru Akashi. If he's still alive, he's probably a thug by now without his memories or in a mental institution for nervous breakdown. I kind of thought that it's a good thing he didn't return to stab Inou Masumi or anybody in the team. Hmmm if Satoru and Sakura got married, it may be the end of Inou Masumi with him as murderer trying to get a chance for revenge.


  1. i think that he died in the explosion because you only saw zuuban recuing boukenred

  2. Wow. I was always so busy comparing Radiguet to Gaja, that I didn't notice parts of him in Ryuon. Nice analysis Sean! ;)

  3. @Fantasy Leader-

    Gaja for me was more like a Tranza tribute- for example, how he has one inorganic arm and the other is organic, a sick sense of humor and some telepathy.

    On the other hand, Ryuon was for me really somebody who was extremely cold-blooded, had no sense of humor and of course, he was somebody who had several life and death encounters in Boukenger.

  4. @ Sean

    Ah. I see. Now that you put it that way, Radiguet and Ryuon seem more alike. While Gaja and Tranza are more alike.


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