Sentai Rangers Revealed to be Most Devoted Children to their Mothers

Some of these rangers were revealed to be devoted to their mothers as mother's day approaches. Here are they:

Akira/Blue Mask has a strong devotion to his mother which was even more emphasized in episode 30.

The Fivemen as siblings are devoted children who later discovered their parents were alive and went to recover them in the end.

Kou/Kibaranger deserves special place as he searches for his mother in an attempt to save her. To bad for him, he lost her during the holidays. :-(

Ryou/Ryuranger of Dairanger has been devoted to his mother ever since his father Choryuu was thought of to have died.

Don't forget Gogo V. They as siblings are devoted to their mother.

Never forget the Magiranger siblings and their devotion to their mother Miyuki as they also plan to reconcile their father to her.

Okay I wonder if he should be here because his mother is a ghost... CREEEEEEPY!

Ran Uzaki/Geki Yellow was also that dedicated to her mother.

Mako was a devoted daughter to tell her mom (and dad) about her duties as a Shinkenger, something most sentai rangers don't do. Hmmm... I find her to be like Kimberly Hart in some way with that episode with her parents,


  1. Nice list. Though there's something that bugs me throughout your blog...

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the identity of Ryuranger is... Ryo, not Ryu?


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