The Shady Relationship Between Yaiba and Shizuka

Somehow it had crossed my mind that perhaps, maybe in Boukenger, there was some attraction between Yaiba and Shizuka before his treachery. Maybe there was... after all they were sort of like Grey and Maria except Yaiba was a darker Grey with a more intense rivalry with a black ranger, Shizuka was only like Maria in terms of using disguises and being well, Yaiba's partner. Yaiba was as cold as as steel, the steel that forms his armor and he had a partnership with Shizuka whom he may have attraction to and she to him.

The thing is the two worked together for some time, in almost every episode that Dark Shadow was involved as the main antagonist. Shizuka actually did care for Yaiba and at times Yaiba acted as a shield to Shizuka. However the relationship between the two was somewhat shady especially when Yaiba at times gave Shizuka the cold shoulder, wishing to unleash the darkness in Inou Masumi/Bouken Black more than their partnership. Apparently, Shizuka had feelings for Yaiba even if he was apparently a mechanical being.

It didn't take long though for Yaiba to have his own plans which were soon revealed after the destruction of the Quester fighters Gai and Rei. He wanted to use the Hermit Ravine's demon bird statue to use his own mentor Gekkou to destroy the Boukengers, which he soon turned his back on Shizuka and attempted to kill her. She returned trying to kill him but failed as Yaiba hit her with the paper cranes but somehow she survived.