The Weirdest Thing in Shinkenger and in Sentai History

Shinkenger may be over but...

Shinkenger 48 had the weirdest thing to happen in Sentai history. I'm not talking about that Kaoru Shiba failed to seal the evil Doukoku, it's this... why does a 15 year old "adopt" Takeru as her "son"? I kind of think that this might be "son" in the spiritual sense. Hmmm I guess this is just something that writers do need to clear up.

If you can recall, Takeru isn't a real Shiba and that during this episode, Kaoru Shiba relinquishes her rights buy "adopting" him, I believe only by papers. Hmmm... I mean even with her father dead for a LOOONG time, it doesn't make sense to "adopt" him as a son to legitimize him as the "true Shinken Red". Also, I wonder why she doesn't fight by their side as their true lady which would have made the finale more intense with her leading them and Takeru fighting with them.

And I would agree... everybody deserved the trademark Sentai HUH expression on their faces when Kaoru Shiba said she "adopted" him.


  1. I thought that scene was awesome. Even if Takeru isn't a Shiba, he's got the skills of one. I think that's more than enough to earn him the title of "Lord." I don't think there's anything that the writer needs to clear up.

    Was Kaoru injured during the finale? Can't remember. If she was, would explain her absence.

  2. Yeah, Kaoru adopting Takeru is a definite WTF moment in tokusatsu.

  3. @Fantasy Leader- Yes she was injured and she was at a weakened state before the finale. I kind of hate why the writers had to do it because it would have been more awesome of Kaoru led them as a team of seven to defeat Doukouku.

  4. Uh, how old was Takeru again when he was adopted?

  5. @ChrisX- I think Takeru was 20 years old.

    @Hallwings- Agreed. It's too weird.

  6. Hmmm...we'll see what happens when the six (or seven, depending if Kaoru's injuries hold up well) Shinkengers will be back for their final appearance of the upcoming "Goseiger Vs. Shinkenger" special. Perhaps that can happen. :)

    I also find out the adoption very weird as well. I think what she had done was for Takeru to take her place permanently as the real Shinken Red like you said in your blog, as she may never be able to fight again or something due to her large amounts of injuries.

    1. I agree that the adoption is pretty weird and FUNNY. I rolled down the floor watching that scene! :P


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