Why I Consider Dekaranger To Be the Best 2000s Sentai

The thing is I believe Dekaranger to be the best 2000s Sentai of all time. Why? Well it seems to be the most awesome series despite the fact NO SERIES IS PERFECT. The thing is it seems there's so little flaws to look down at and more positives to look up to as a Sentai + police drama plot rolled into one. BTW the music really is cool!

Compared to typical toku acting where most of the newbies try to act their best (but I don't consider it poor acting either), the cast members were pretty good. I liked how the cast members portrayed their members. I think the best actors have to be Ryuji Sainei, Tsuyoshi Hoshi, Ayumi Kinoshita and Tomokazu Yoshida- they really bring out their ranger characters to life. Oh yeah, the voice of Aburera is REALLY SCARY. I found him really evil, like he was a real character in daily life despite his powers.

On the rangers, I felt they were pretty interesting especially how Banban Akaza and Hoji Tomasu were kind of a reversion of Ryu Tendo and Guy Yuki in terms of roles, and how the two warmed up to each other in the long run. At first, the two just kept getting on each other's nerves and you'll see why. Yup Hoji Tomasu was more fit to be leader but it's been quite a long time since we had a fiery red ranger, that was with Banban Akaza who starts from an obnoxious guy (but I didn't even feel like killing him) to a more likable character as he learns to respect authority. Sen Enari, well he's kind of a nice guy, too nice really I believe Hoji Tomasu should probably lecture him about it so I still prefer Hoji Tomasu over him. Jasmine Reimon the "mutant ranger" who was an ESPerer and a really hot babe. She in fact had a very interesting side story that made her stand out especially how she got into the Special Police Dekaranger. Umeko well she was always prone to catastrophe and she was no obnoxious brat compared to Banban Akaza's earlier appearances. Tetsu Aira was another more interesting character with the death of his parents, wishing to avenge them and he's better than just a ball of light from the future. These characters had all their happiest to saddest moments which is natural in the life of a law enforcer especially how Hoji Tomasu can become very arrogant of his skills because they have succeeded too much, but of course he gets humbled and accepts his mistakes, which he can also become humble like every professional police officer.

The show also had its plus points with its allies especially Doggie Kruger was the most awesome Sentai commander and that having Swan as a genius ally helped the show. I thought of it that Doggie Kruger's secret identity as Dekamaster was a cool plot twist, although he hardly showed up in order to avoid him from stealing the spotlight. Murphy was a cool pet robot dog. I really liked how he interacted with the group. Wish I could have a toy like that. LOL. Anyway it also had much of the Space Sheriff theme with its intergalactic police fighting crime across the galaxy.

I felt that most of their equipment was almost completely original. For example, you don't have the traditional sword plus gun combination, it's all fresh for a police series from the guns of Banban Akaza to the sniper rifle of Hoji Tomasu down. Okay the team battlizer isn't anything new but the concept of SWAT adds to the flavor of police show. After all, SWAT helps add to police drama especially when Banban Akaza realizes the meaning of teamwork when they trained and realized the importance of his teammates, that is like how Guy Yuki knew he was important to the Jetman team.

Also the show had plenty of old school elements but souped up. For example, it's been quite old school to where you have the "stay in your own cockpit" thing with mecha and the primary-secondary robot combination. Well I thought of it that despite that, there was always plot interaction especially when Tetsu Aira was added, mecha and all. I also liked the amazing new Dekabase Robo which now is fully mobile compared to old base robots. Dekawing Robo seemed old school until you see its finishing move as a giant cannon. Also, most of them were not just mere add ons but really helped the show.

The enemy was also something new which I felt was interesting. Rather than the old traditional empire, the Alienizers broke the law at their own free will thus putting a good detective flavor. Of course, the show was NEVER without the main enemy Aburera who sold weapons to the criminals to the week, he wasn't their boss though while at times he hired some Alienizers to help him get rid of the Dekarangers. He was a unique type of main enemy who manipulated different criminals to do his bidding while selling them magnificent weapons which he may have also assisted other empires. It helped create the police law atmosphere since instead of a monster of the week, it was the convict of the week they hunted down who usually had business with Aburera. The unique enemy really just would be hard to replicate in the future.

The interaction between all characters can get intense. I liked Jasmine Reimon's interaction with a mutant boy and her sharing of past experience. Another has to be Tetsu Aira motivated by revenge at first but later finding out revenge isn't his true purpose as a Dekaranger. The most infamous for me has to be where Hoji Tomasu ended up killing Mikene Clord who was his girlfriend's brother, thus leading to the infamous break-up. I really cried that episode. Oh yeah there was also Sen Enari vs. the Alienizer Matthew, who was a criminal who was about to make Umeko Kodou his newest victim which was a rather touching episode.

Anyway I kind of thought that even the finale was spectacular even with a not-so-intense closing battle which followed after the intense attempt to take control back of the Dekabase Robo and how Aburera was using it to terrorize the city. It was quite perfectly wrapped up or is it? Well for me, it is but again, nothing's perfect. But I recommend checking it out. I felt that Aburera just met his end when his three bodyguards fell down easily and he was finally terminated for his crimes. Oh yeah, just liked how Doggie Kruger survived despite the fact he was thought to be dead. Or maybe, Dekaranger was meant to be a little lighter despite the dark atmosphere it's set in a world full of crime.

It's even way better than Power Rangers SPD if you just check it out.


  1. Aburera's voice is chillingly creepy since it's brought by Nakao Ryusei, seiyuu well known for his chilling, evil character voice. Just take a look at his portfolio, included would be Dragon Ball's Frieza (sadistic conqueror) or Bleach's Kurotsuchi Mayuri (mad scientist).

    Other than that, I also agree with most of the things you said that makes Dekaranger unique and fun.

  2. Jasmine was a mutant? I percieved her to be human, with special powers. Anyways, I agree, Dekaranger is an awesome show.

  3. @Mr. Smith- I just called her a mutant because that's what they called humans with special powers in Marvel Comics. Hee hee.


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