Why I Love Super Sentai as a Tokusatsu?

The thing is okay, maybe I do point out mistakes but you can't love without pointing out the mistakes can you? It's out of concern for the franchise I'm doing it, not to put down the franchise.

The concept of all for one like the three musketeers. Despite differences and weaknesses, they acknowledge the God-given differences are meant to make them into a team. Struggles are shown and how a team gets stronger as they go through their lives.

A more diverse villain cast (most of the time) in the battle between good and evil in a world gone crazy. Some villains can range from just being plain ambitious to vengeance ridden, whatever the case they make the plot interesting rather than not showing their pitiful side to teach the lesson that being a victim doesn't give one the right to make victims.

Having a cast of likable characters most of the time.

There's a whole load of action in battle.

Women can get into different types of scenarios rather than just being the moral support. Kamen Rider had women most of the time as moral support.

Some Sentai shows can present really funny humor especially in those that are meant to be light and funny like Carranger and Go-onger.

Despite being sci-fi, it does contain a LOT of negative real life experiences like tragic love and death to deal with as a team rather than as an individual. In fact, there are PLENTY of moral lessons in the franchise.

The music can get really techno... techno.

Not to mention the lovely ladies. Okay I admit that in my opinion NONE of the Sentai girls who are hotter than PR girls can equal Kimberly Hart but still, they're SIZZLING!