Why Sentai Fans Bash PR Fans Poll Result

Since I allowed choosing multiple answers, so here's the sequence from top to bottom:

41/50 voted for better plot. I think this happened after some people saw MMPR first then Zyuranger, that led to it and later checked out Dairanger, Kakuranger and so on. However there are times PR can get a better plot than usual especially during the Judd Lynn season Lost Galaxy which incorporated old ideas to make something new.

36/50 chose it's because of the intense fight scenes. Well U.S. and Japan are too different.

32/50 voted because villains are usually more evil. Well true.

Tied with "more evil villains" is another 32/50 vote for cultural bias. This is so true.

30/50 voted for awesome music. I agree. PR's music can be too loud at times. Enjoyed the Dragon Ranger theme more than the Green Ranger theme.

29/50 for more real life experiences. Sentai even with its being fiction seems to relate to life more than Power Rangers to some fans.

28/50 voted for humor is less corny. I agree.

24/50 voted for most Sentai babes are hotter.