Dino Curry House Visitors

In Super Sentai, here were a few who went to the Dino Curry House outside of the Abaranger series as part of the crossover universe which tends to be a victim of time lapse errors:

It was mentioned in Dekaranger vs. Magiranger that he was a visitor of the Dino Curry House. It was also in Abaranger vs. Dekaranger which came first.

Miyuki Ozu is also another visitor of the Dino Curry House as mentioned in Dekaranger vs. Magiranger.

Morio Makino met Miki Masaki at the Dino Curry House in Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.

Miki Masaki of Gekiranger met Morio Makino at the Dino Curry House as mentioned in Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.

The last has to be Hant Jo/Go-on Green in Go-onger vs. Gekiranger. He also met Miki Masaki at the Dino Curry House.

Btw sadly I'm not much of a fan of Japanese curry. I prefer Indian curry. Hee hee.

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  1. Hey, I like Japanese curry best, to be honest...

  2. @ChrisX- For me, I like Indian food because I like strong, spicy flavors.

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