Goseiger 17- Enter the Yuumaju, Enter Gosei Knight

Goseiger has a new twist and turn.

So while Warstar was defeated which ended with the victory of Alata in a rematch against his rival Dereputa, however the meteor shower broke the seal to release new enemies namely the Yuumaju who are more powerful. Episode 17 is pretty scary if you ask me.

The Yuumaju are just SCARY. Their names come from various horror movie characters. For example, there is the Erurei Box which is named after the horror film Hellraiser. Scary isn't it? I kind of thought of featuring this from left to right up to the third.

So we have Makuin of the Blob. Although named after the horror movie "The Blob" I think he looks like a modified Jabba the Hutt mashed with other characters. Then we have Kinggon of the Bigfoot, he is the strongest warrior. Surprise- Bladerun is still alive and he's really Bladerun of the Chupacabra with a new Wolverine-like motif. Still, the Bibis are alive. The new enemy is a greater threat than Warstar.

I honestly think that Makujin really looks that creepy plus he's the most unusually shaped villain. I think he's going to pose a big challenge especially that he can absorb energy attacks and turn them against his opponents plus his skin is made of elastic material. I wonder how the suit actor manages to see through this costume? I even feel like he is based on a Kamen Rider monster.

On the other hand, Gosei Knight is also awakened a the same time. If you ask me, he looks like a typical modern-day Kamen Rider than a Sentai ranger. I wonder if he's meant to be an extra hero or an extra ranger?

He is actually the Groundion Header as well (pictured above) which almost reminds me of the anime Transformers Masterforce. I think he's pretty cool. I wonder what will Haim Saban ever name him?

Right now I'm starting to see children having nightmares. LOL. By the way, I remembered having nightmares about Radiguet while watching Jetman because my favorite Jetman character was Red Hawk.