Goseiger 18- Something About Goseiknight

Goseiger 18 has some really hard secrets about Gosei Knight. The character himself is kind of mysterious and he's more concerned about protecting the planet than the life on the planet. Hmmm... I wonder what he means. In this episode, he attacks a pollutant-releasing plant in hopes to save the Earth. He reminds me of in one way Captain Planet and in another, Poison Ivy from Batman comics with his motifs for this episode.

It's also nice to see Bladerun survive and show his true self. I honestly feel like he's a fusion of Wolverine and other Marvel characters. First I thought he would take over Warstar but he turns out to be part of Yuumaju.

The Yuumaju's latest plot using Zeibu of the mummy. I find it really somewhat scary seeing how the monster could use TV sets for its scheme. That's when the Goseigers must really go and free the TV station from Yuumaju's control.

They do enter and it's filled with mummified slaves. Instead of getting scared, I find myself laughing at how cheap the costumes were but then, that's the usual thing with Sentai. During this time, Agri and Moune as siblings battle Gosei Knight. I find Gosei Knight to be a jerk but then again, it's not the first time a sixth member has gone against the rangers prior to joining the team. The mecha battle was plain awesome with all the displays of previous combination as of late.

Next week... what will happen to Gosei Knight?


  1. actually the new Buredoran is based on the Chupacabra


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