Goseiger 20- Goseigers as Agents of Love

The thing is Goseiger 20 is kind of a J-drama thing for me. So what's the point? Well the thing is the Goseigers decide to help a teenager named Takuya who's desperately in love with a girl. We see the Goseigers use their invisibility powers outside of their suits to hide. However with Datas, their cover is easily blown when their morphing devices ring.

Unfortunately the Yuumajuu have launched their own plan using Pesaranza of the Keseran-Pasaran who Makuin sends to devour love from people, which is however kind of common. It wasn't like as if it didn't happen with previous Sentai entries like Jetman or Turboranger.

The monster goes as far as to meddle with Takuya's feelings causing the girl to dislike him. I find it just totally despicable... really. Fortunately though he was able to gain the girl's forgiveness in the end. :-P