Goseiknight's First Awesome Battle

Goseiger epic 19 is full of exciting new action. In this episode, Bladerun seeks to exploit the use of Bladerun's rather awesome power. He reveals himself to be a more competent villain than Mons Drake ever was. Also, I like the Yuumaju so I hope they don't get written off too early. This episode develops a relationship between the Goseigers and Gosei Knight.

The monster of the week is Giemuro of the Kappa. He is a Kappa monster that uses sumo wrestling and he's Bladerun's latest asset to winning. He plans to turn humans into the mischievous Kappa. In some Anime, however Kappas were not always evil.

This episode also featured a father-daughter relationship just in time for father's day. Kanako was kidnapped and the Goseigers must go after her. Again something about these guys make me feel Saban will do better in adapting Goseiger than Shinkenger IMO.

I just find the robot mode of Gosei Knight as Groundion to be awesome. I don't think he'll count as a Goseiger though.


  1. Just wondering, why are you calling Buredoran "Bladerun"?

  2. In Japanese pronunciation, you have the r read as an 'l' at times. For example:

    Krillin is spelled as Kuririn

    You read Tasuki as Taski

    So reading 'r' in Buredoran as 'l' and ignoring the 'u', it's close to Bladerun.

  3. I know it sounds different from how it's spelled, but it doesn't come close to sounding like Bladerun.

  4. I can't believe nobody's mentioned this here already, but here goes...

    Kanako's mom and dad are played by two very familiar Sentai sempais.

    The dad by Teruaki Ogawa (a.k.a. Sasuke/Ninja Red and Hyuuga/KuroKishi), and the mom by Satomi Hirose (a.k.a. Tsuruhime/NinjaWhite).


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