How I Think Goseiger is Running Lately

The thing is in Goseiger, I'm having mixed reactions over the series.

The death of Mons Drake in episode 15 was kind of "too early" for some. Why the writers killed him off early is unknown. However I suspect the voice dubber Shozo Iizuka may dub another of the new villains soon enough.

And it's kind of weird how Dereputa survived but he was eventually defeated singlehandedly by Alata/Gosei Red in one-on-one combat. I think it's weird how Dereputa managed to survive his supposed final battle with the Goseigers in episode 12.

I am just kind of getting excited to see what kind of evil a survived Bladerun would do against the Goseigers now that he's with the new enemy known as the Spectral Demon Beasts serving Makujin of the Blob. So far he was the only one less insect-like of the Warstar. BTW I wonder if Mons Drake will manage to return also?